Cathodic Protection Systems Upgrades

BESL is the leading provider of cathodic protection services, equipment and materials for the world’s infrastructure. Designing and installing cathodic protection systems for pipelines is a core activity for BESL. Services, equipment and materials provided by BESL include field surveys, engineering designs, material specifications, equipment and materials, installation, construction inspection and system commissioning.

    • Cathodic Protection Designs
    • Field Surveys
    • System Specifications and Designs
    • Plans and Detail Drawings
    • System Materials and Construction
    • Conventional Ground beds
    • Deep Anode Ground beds
    • Distributed Anode Systems
    • Cathodic Protection Test Stations
    • Power supplies
    • Transformer – Rectifiers
    • Solar Power Systems
    • Thermoelectric Generators
    • Interference Control Systems
    • Bond Stations
    • Auxiliary Drainage Systems
    • AC Interference Mitigation
    • DC Interference Mitigation
    • Fault Current Protection
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