BETHEL ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED provides engineering and construction services for onshore, swamp and offshore projects in the oil and gas industry.

BES has executed the following projects :Provision of  deep water wells at Otien oil field , Edo state The 1st phase of this contract which was awarded to us in Feb. 2007 by Suntera Nig 205 Ltd in partnership with Summit International Oil is completed.

Load out operation of Mobil's Oyot wellhead platform.

Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements using various methods for pipelines, vessels and other steel structures. A case in point is the Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Test on Storage Tanks carried out for NLNG, Port Harcourt in the first quarter of 2006. We provide services like fabrication, flow line inspection and installation of sacrificial anodes, CP ground bed design, installation, survey and monitoring.  We undertake NDT inspections like MPI, Dye penetrant, Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement of wellheads, piping structures, piggable and   non-piggable pipelines in onshore, swamps and offshore oil and gas facilities.

Pigging of 18" by 47Km Asa-Rumuekpe Trunkline using mechanical pigs. Download

BES is also involved in Hydro testing, pressure testing and desanding of vessels and Pipelines of varying sizes and lengths.  In collaboration with our technical partners we carry out Blasting and Painting of vessels, pipelines, manifolds steel structures etc. BES has highly experienced /skilled staff in Radiography, (both filming and interpretations) and also carries out projects in Civil Engineering construction and maintenance as well as Electrical installations.

Bethel Engineering Services Ltd provides the following range of  services:

  • Pipeline flushing, pre-commissioning and commissioning services

  • Procurements:  valves, metering devices, Line pipes, plates, pressure  vessels such as pig traps, etc

  • Pipeline pigging and chemical enhanced cleaning Services, Corrosion control services etc.

  • Sand/Grit Blasting and Painting Services.

  • Cathodic Protection services, including CP System Design & Materials selections, Installations, Commissioning, and Post commissioning Services.

  • Baseline Survey (In-line Inspections) of Oil and  Gas transmission lines

  • Cleaning of CHILLER and HVAC units,

  • Procurements, installations and servicing of various types of valves, chokes, flow meters, etc. Foreign Technical Procurements. These include flow control systems: valves, metering devices, Line pipes, plates, pressure vessels such as pig traps, etc

    Trunnion Ball Valves
    A Trunnion Ball valve

  • Fabrication of piping and support, etc

  • Waste water handling - environmental services

  • Pipeline pigging / cleaning services

  • Pipeline pre-commissioning / de-commissioning services

  • Auxilliary pumping services

  • Hydrotesting services

  • Barge / vessel ballancing services

  • Pipeline intelligent pigging services

Pipeline pigging/cleaning services

Pipeline pre-commissioning services

Pipeline de-commissioning services

Intelligent pigging services

Pumping services

Barge/vessel balancing services

Hydro testing services

Equipment leasing services


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